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Typo Assassin was built to protect online brands from typo squatters.

We built Typo Assassin to help online brands find typo squatters who have purchased different misspelled variations of there domains in the hopes of generating an easy affiliate commission from a simple redirect to the brands affiliate program.
Companies are losing thousands of dollars a month to typo squatting and have no idea that it is happening. So I built Typo Assassin to help companies find and stop the typo squatters from taking advantage of unsuspecting online companies.

How Typo Assassin works?

If you go to typo assassin and run a check on your domain the software will search for purchased misspellings of your domain name. Then the software will pull screenshots, link paths and a who is list for each owned domain name that resembles your brand.
If you see a domain that appears to be abusing your brand you can search the follow link to see if they are taking advantage of you via an affiliate link. This will also help you determine which affiliate the typo squatter is.

Check out Typo Assassin and let me know what you think.

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