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Mobile devices have evolved the way we live our lives. We can stay connected 24 hours a day to our friends, families, breaking news, entertainment and find out pretty much anything that is going on right now. We can search the web, find that perfect recipe for dinner and write articles or blog posts from our mobile device.

Its safe to say that the mobile world has changed the way we perceive the world and turned everything that was waiting for us to do tomorrow into something we can do right now. This isn’t always a good thing but I am not going to rant about that right now.

With that said it is important for online marketers, businesses, web developers/designers and pretty much anyone involved in building a website to realize that websites need to offer a mobile friendly interface.

According to Blue Train Mobile as of Q4 2012 18% of all online traffic was from mobile devices and that is a 139% overall increase from the year before.

So basically if you don’t have a mobile friendly website then you need one. However creating a mobile friendly website can be tough while trying to keep a site that still looks good for Desktops and notebooks. A lot of times they don’t look very good becasue you are trying to create a site that looks good on completely different platforms (PCs/Notebooks, Tablets and Phones).

A pretty simple solution I found to help achieve a more professional looking site is a php Class written by Serban Ghita called Mobile-Detect. Basically the Class can detect what type of device the traffic your website is receiving and redirect the user to the proper landing page that will look great on the users device. This will allow you to create a mobile friendly version of your site that looks good for mobile users but doesn’t take away a more sophisticated look or feel from desktop and notebook traffic.

If you know a little PHP using the script is pretty simple, here are the quick steps:

  1. You just download the Class from GitHub.
  2. Unzip and upload the script to your site
  3. Then include the class and detect the traffic device, below is an example


include (‘mobile/Mobile_Detect.php’);
$detect = new Mobile_Detect;

if ($detect->isMobile() && $detect->isTablet())

{ Redirect Script or Mobile HTML Goes Here ;}


The future of the web is mobile so creating mobile friendly websites is now a necessity. Make sure your site isn’t missing out on good traffic from all available traffic sources.

If you have any questions about the script let me know.