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Yesterday I decided to run out and check out the new Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad mini.

The first thing I noticed and I am always amazed by is not the products themselves but the popularity of the Apple store. It’s crazy that on a Monday afternoon the Apple store is jammed packed full of people playing with and buying Apple products.

Surface shown with a lack of interest

Apple is still going strong

In comparison I was actually surprised how there wasn’t a lot of interest in the Surface which was being displayed in a Kiosk 50 feet away. The Apple store was full of energy and excitement while the Kiosk hosting the surface was kind of boring and plain.

I was fully aware I wasn’t comparing apples to apples (no pun intended). The Apple store had a wide range of products and was a store front while the Microsoft Kiosk only sold the Surface. However I could definitely tell a difference in the level of excitement between the two stores.

After spending some quality time playing around with the Surface for the first time I still craved for the iPad which I currently already have.

The surface is basically a laptop disguised as a tablet. However it is harder to use then a typical laptop. For my purposes I use a tablet for email, Internet, reading books and games. I really don’t use it for much more then that. It is so much easier for me to write articles, build websites and do the day to day work on a laptop or desktop. I don’t even mess with a tablet when I need to do my big boy work.

The iPad is just easier to use with the big buttons and apps. The Surface might be ideal for business men that travel a lot however I just really don’t need it.

How do you feel about the Surface? Let me know.