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We offer a number of online services to help businesses
and individuals to manage their domain properties and
traffic more efficiently and effectively.


SMS Forex Trade Notifications is the leading forex trade notification platform. My proven algorithm monitors 10 currency pairs generating entry and exit signals based on historical data and technical trends.


Domain Brand Protection

Typo Assassin is a web service that helps online business owners protect their brand from typo domain thieves. If you are worried about how typo domainers could be costing you and your brand, then run a search to find out who could be profiting from your brand name.

About Jason

In 1996 I developed my first website for a painting business a friend and I started in college. After building that first site I was in love with web design, development.

Over the years I have acquired skills in graphic design, php developing, SEO marketing, social media, affiliate marketing, PPC advertising, domaining, eCommerce, blogging and pretty much anything else related to building a successful online presence. I have had many successful business ventures and continue to work with many businesses offering web based consulting services.

Currently I have a number of web related business that I manage and I am always looking for new business ventures to start or help support.

I always look forward to making new connections so if you have new ideas, suggestions and creative strategies feel free to contact me.